Celebrating the launch of GOLD Design System πŸš€

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Today marks the launch of GOLD Design System - the Government Open Language for Design.

GOLD replaces the decomissioned Australian Government Design System.

  • 🌟 The design system has been renamed from Australian Government Design System to GOLD Design System
  • πŸš€ Docs are available at https://gold.designsystemau.org/
  • πŸš€ Npm packages have been published at @gold.au
  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» The repo for opening Issues and contributing code is now gold-design-system on GitHub

To continue to benefit from future updates to the Design System, including security patches, see bottom of page for Migration details.

Reasons for changing the name to GOLD

Some might remember GOLD was the original name of the design system.

We thought it was time to bring GOLD back!

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) agreed to a name change via Request for Change (RFC) process, full details can be read at the pull request.

From the RFC:

Having a fun name (as opposed to a plain language name) has the effect of "creating shared language" and is better to "excite people about working together, "particularly non-technical people. That this is beneficial for "creating unity and delight" and gives your people an identity. - Dominik Wilkowski

We hope that restoring the name GOLD will help invigorate the community.

New docs site

Documentation is now available at https://gold.designsystemau.org/.

Developers should refer to this site instead of the DTA's docs site which will go offline at the end of the month.

The source code for Docs can be found at Github.

New npm packages

Npm packages are available at the @gold.au organisation.

If you're using modules, you now install packages like:

npm install @gold.au/button

Alternatively, the starter repo can be used: https://github.com/designsystemau/design-system-starter.

The source code for the Design System can be found at Github.

Migration details

  1. Update code to change npm references from:

    @gov.au/buttons β†’ @gold.au/buttons
  2. Update package versions to the next major release:

    "@gov.au/buttons": "3.0.8" β†’ "@gold.au/buttons": "4.0.0"

    Alternatively, uninstall all @gov.au modules:

    npm uninstall @gov.au/accordion @gov.au/animate @gov.au/body @gov.au/breadcrumbs @gov.au/buttons @gov.au/callout @gov.au/card @gov.au/control-input @gov.au/core @gov.au/cta-link @gov.au/direction-links @gov.au/footer @gov.au/form @gov.au/grid-12 @gov.au/header @gov.au/headings @gov.au/inpage-nav @gov.au/keyword-list @gov.au/link-list @gov.au/main-nav @gov.au/page-alerts @gov.au/progress-indicator @gov.au/responsive-media @gov.au/searchbox @gov.au/select @gov.au/side-nav @gov.au/skip-link @gov.au/table @gov.au/tags @gov.au/text-inputs

    then reinstall as @gold.au @latest modules, for instance:

    npm i @gold.au/accordion@latest @gold.au/animate@latest @gold.au/body@latest @gold.au/breadcrumbs@latest @gold.au/buttons@latest @gold.au/callout@latest @gold.au/card@latest @gold.au/control-input@latest @gold.au/core@latest @gold.au/cta-link@latest @gold.au/direction-links@latest @gold.au/footer@latest @gold.au/form@latest @gold.au/grid-12@latest @gold.au/header@latest @gold.au/headings@latest @gold.au/inpage-nav@latest @gold.au/keyword-list@latest @gold.au/link-list@latest @gold.au/main-nav@latest @gold.au/page-alerts@latest @gold.au/progress-indicator@latest @gold.au/responsive-media@latest @gold.au/searchbox@latest @gold.au/select@latest @gold.au/side-nav@latest @gold.au/skip-link@latest @gold.au/table@latest @gold.au/tags@latest @gold.au/text-inputs@latest

    The code change will look like this:

  3. If your pancake config in package.json references any pancake packages, change those from @gov.au to @gold.au:

    "pancake": {
      "auto-save": true,
      "plugins": true,
      "ignore": [
    β†’   "@gold.au/pancake-react",
    β†’   "@gold.au/pancake-json"
  4. To verify everything works as expected, delete the node_modules directory and run a fresh install:

    rm -rf node_modules
    npm install

    Check the pancake directory is created as expected, for example:

    β”œβ”€β”€ css
    β”‚ └── designsystem.css
    β”œβ”€β”€ js
    β”‚ └── designsystem.min.js
    └── sass
       └── pancake.scss

Here's a Pull Request diff demonstrating the result of the above steps.

You're done!

* * *

Practitioners are invited to contribute directly at GitHub or through joining our Slack community.

Finally, if you would like to join the Maintainers group (TSC) and be a decision maker on this project, please contact maintainers@designsystemau.org. Or if you have new feature ideas, please submit these by opening an RFC.